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Documentation [edit]

This is a data module to be used with mw.loadData. It parses the regular text list and returns the formatted data structure. This is meant to be an easy way to keep external lists in sync with the wiki.

See the comments at the top for how to modify the list. Only edit between the marked lines. Please check for errors before saving.

If changes to functionality are needed, please contact an administrator.

The above documentation is transcluded from Module:Government/list/doc.

--The list must follow this format:
--  *Game/category blocks separated by a series of at least one hyphen on its own line
--  *Game/category name on its own line at the beginning of the block
--  *Each position on its own line as follows:
--     position name - position holder(s) separated by a comma and space
--     Optionally, each position holder can have a specialization specified in square brackets preceded by a space, e.g.
--       Position - Person [duties], Some Guy, Other Person [other duties]
--       Therefore, names cannot contain square brackets.
--  *Do not pluralize position names, and don't use abbreviations. These are added in Module:Government.
--  *Empty lines can be used for readability and will be ignored.
--The intention is that the list can be maintained elsewhere and copy-pasted here when an update is needed, or vice versa.
--To smoke-test changes, type =p in the console below and press Enter. It should return "table".

--only edit below the following line
local list = [=[


Administrator - Lord of Darkness, Frawley, Jesse End
Moderator - Edward I, Tebeat, Malabyte, Marina, Qazzian, Xoriet


Emperor - Lord of Darkness
Consul - Elegarth
Legatus - Xoriet
Praetor - Marina
Censor - ShnailandC
Tribune - Jar Wattinree
Vox Populi - Dimitri

Cyber Nations

Emperor - Lord of Darkness
Regent - Jesse End
Imperial Officer - DeathAdder [military/diplomacy], Emperor Ice [military/economy], SynysterGates, Tebeat [internal]

Exarch - jgolla, Llednar Twem, Eric the Red, Edward I, Amyameretta

General - Antiega
Colonel - Eclipse

Prefect - Eric the Red
Tribune - Necrosin, Biowulf


Emperor - Nemphesis
Regent - Deatvert
Imperial Officer - SableCanary, Selina, Nijil1, Dan100
Imperial Governor - Malabyte, Pep_9090
Counselor - Lord of Darkness, Jgolla

General - Twobagger
Colonel - Gandroff, Pixxiec

Provost - TBD
Deputy Provost - Ultravi0let, nerau

Intelligence Director - Xoriet

Executive - OsRavan

]=]--only edit above this line

--the separator between position names and occupants
local sep = ' - '

local function strip(s)
	--trim, lowercase, and remove non-alphanumeric characters. Also used in base module
	return mw.text.trim(mw.ustring.gsub(mw.ustring.lower(s or ''), '%W', ''))

local struct = {}
local title, positions
local subStart, subEnd
for game in mw.text.gsplit(list, '\n%-+\n') do
	title = nil
	positions = {}
	for line in mw.text.gsplit(game, '\n') do
		line = mw.text.trim(line)
		if line ~= '' then
			if not title then
				title = line
				subStart, subEnd = mw.ustring.find(line, sep, 1, true)
				if not subStart or not subEnd then
					return '<span class="error">Parse error in [[Module:Government/list]]: ' .. line .. '</span>'
					positions[strip(mw.ustring.sub(line, 1, subStart - 1))] =
						mw.text.trim(mw.ustring.sub(line, subEnd + 1))
	if title then
		struct[strip(title)] = positions

return struct