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39th Street Killers
Leader of 39th Street Killers XR
Xanax / Refill
Faction Leader

PimpChu is a member of Xanax / Refill and the former leader of 39th Street Killers XR.


The New Pacific Order became acquainted with PimpChu during the 39th Street Killers XR Ranked War in which PimpChu played a leading role in directing XR's war effort and leading the charge against the Order. While Strength ended up prevailing after several days of fighting, both the Order and PimpChu gained mutual admiration for each other.

PimpChu would later help the Order to conclude an alliance with the 39th Street Killers, and following the sale of the XR faction to the NPO he remained with the 39th for a short while before deciding to buy the old Prosperity faction, which he turned into the ranked warring cache farm Xanax / Refill. Xanax / Refill would also take part in The Unkindness Raid during January 2023.


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