SPECTRE Ranked War

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SPECTRE Ranked War
Started September 16, 2022
Ended September 16, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By Vigilantes Ranked War
Succeeded By The Resolute Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order



New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

The SPECTRE Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and the SPECTRE in September 2022.


Strength was matched with SPECTRE on September 13, 2022, with the war set to begin on September 16 and a net target score of 11,300 required for victory.

War Progress

The war started at 1400 TCT, and within the first two hours Strength gained a lead of over 2000 score. For the next three hours the score remained relatively static, with Strength not pushing but SPECTRE being unable to reverse the gains that had been made. Five hours into the fighting Strength made a new assault, dropping more bonus hits and driving up their score until victory was achieved after eight hours of fighting at 2256 TCT.


At the conclusion Strength ranked up from Gold II to Gold III and received 9,393 bonus respect, 3,100 points, 5x Armor Cache, 1x Medium Arms Cache, 4x Melee Cache, 1x Small Arms Cache.


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