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Technology Corps
Cyber Nations branch
Status Merged to form Economic Affairs
Active from May 2007 to June 18, 2011


First Tech Corps

The First Tech Corp was founded in May 2007 by Cortath and Sir Paul. Both worked with Bakunin's Dream to crunch numbers and work how much 50 tech would cost with all the variables added in. From these calculations two proposals emerged, the "Tech Procurers" and the "Tech Bank". Tech Procurers are exactly as they are today, young/small nations selling tech. Tech Bankers were envisaged as middle tier nations, not big enough to be banks but also tech sellers, able to subsidies the cost of tech themselves. The "Tech Bank" idea was shot down, however "Tech Procurers" was pursued further. With Imperial Decree #4246814, Emperor Revenge, the Tech Corp was opened.

Selling in increments of 50, 100 or 150 blocks (50 tech for $3 million) which included a middle man (known as a "Distributor"). Business was slow to start off with, with less emphasis placed on tech (no wonder, navy, tech based wonders, etc.), however it was working. Eventually Cortath took leave and command of the Tech Corp was passed to the last remaining distributor, Cobrastrike.

Second Tech Corps

The Second Tech Corps period was thus initiated under the leadership of Cobrastrike. The Tech Corp was however suffering from inactivity, which Cobrastrike attempted to fix by creating badges to incite people to work. However at about this time, councilor Loucifer undertook an assessment of the Tech Corp assisted by the distributor Zeta Defender. Upon completing the review, they presented their findings to Cobrastrike, who did not take it well. Believing it was an attempt by the Council to usurp him from control of the Tech Corp, he deleted all the guides, flamed Moo, the IOs and caused havoc which ended with his ejection from the alliance.

Third Tech Corps

Thus, Loucifer attempted to rebuild the institute, and so began the Third Tech Corp. Loucifer did away with the 50 and 100 tech orders, instead focusing entirely on the 150 deals which grew into the 4x4 deals. Loucifer took the position of Executive (new departmental head position) and hired Zeta Defender as a manager. Efficiency grew, and Cortath returned to the Tech Corp and became a Manager. Business flowed. However, the Third Tech Corp came under fire for closing during wars (such as the Devil Dogs War and FAN-1V War) and for all tech orders being forced through the Tech Corp (due to Decree #4246814). In early January 2008, the Tech Corp was shut down, the free market was brought back.

Fourth Tech Corps

Cortath petitioned the Emperor to reverse the decision, reintroduce the Tech Corp and have the free market run alongside. The Emperor took it to heart and allowed the Tech Corp to reopen. Cortath and the other managers and executives then worked on redesigning all aspects of the Corp, and presented it formally to the Emperor who assented. Because of the level of warfare, which prevented the Tech Corp from effectively procuring during war time, a number of provisions were built in to allow the continuation of trade during periods of warfare.

With these safeguards and provisions built into it, the Fourth Tech Corp became an unimaginable success compared with its predecessors. Those who had believed in the Tech Corp to be inefficient happily admitted their error in shutting it down and were glad with the reversal of the decision. By 31 December, the Tech Corp had estimated that they had moved over 215,000 units of tech. The Fourth Tech Corp continues to this day, procuring tech for nations that need it. At the end of the War of Armegeddon, the Tech Corp was tasked with delivering at least 100,000 tech in the form of reparations to the victors. Acknowledging the effort put in by all to make the tech flow, the Tech Corp created several awards for the hard working Pacificans.

At the end of the Doom House-NPO War the Pacific Bank and Tech Corps merged to accomplish stronger efficiency and communication between the two departments. The merger resulted in the creation of the Economic Affairs department on June 18, 2011.


Rank Image Duties
Executives Example Executives looked after the long term issues facing the Tech Corps as well as working towards improving the Tech Corps however they can.
Managers Example Managers were tasked with overseeing the day-to-day management of the Corp and ensured that it ran smoothly.
Technology Advisors Example Technology Advisors were former Executives and Managers who retired but were maintained on the Tech Corps staff to provide advise on tech affairs.
Dispatchers Example Dispatchers worked tirelessly in maintaining and monitoring their teams of 8-15 Procurers, ensuring tech was sent out on a timely manner.
Senior Procurers Example Procurers that are recognized for having sent out massive amounts of technology while continuously serving Pacifica's Economic Affairs department.
Procurers Example Smaller nations that are responsible for the production of technology for the Order.

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