August Revolution

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The August Revolution was an uprising against the government of the Pacific between August 28 and September 1, 2003. It resulted in the formation of the New Pacific Order.


From November 2002 to August 2003, the delegacy of the Pacific wasn't tightly controlled. Most gameplay organizations were focused on user-created regions and placed little importance on direct control of the Pacific. As a result, the region effectively had no central government for most of this period and was ruled by a series of delegates who came to power with very few endorsements.

Although most outside organizations showed little interest in governing the Pacific, in the weeks leading up to the revolution, TheDoc, the reigning delegate, organized an "Army of the Pacific." The army was meant to serve as a mercenary or auxiliary force in foreign wars. This development is frequently cited as a catalyst for the revolution because it clearly illustrated the Pacific's de facto domination by foreign interests.

The Revolution

On August 28th, Francos Spain obtained the delegacy of the Pacific and, in an early use of tactics that quickly became commonplace, ejected and banned TheDoc and his most important supporters shortly before the next update. By doing this repeatedly over the next several days, Francos Spain and his allies achieved firm control over the Pacific while TheDoc and his supporters struggled to mount an effective response.

On September 1, Francos Spain and his allies declared the existence of the New Pacific Order, a new, nativist government of the Pacific.


The August Revolution was followed by a protracted war with foreign powers which sought to remove the New Pacific Order from power. They claimed Francos Spain's actions constituted a coup and that the New Pacific Order's claim to sovereignty over the Pacific was illegitimate. The Order contended that these powers' aims were imperialist, arguing that they wanted to replace the Order with a client state. The most prominent of these foreign organizations was the Alliance Defense Network.