Imperium of Tau

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The Imperium of Tau (IOT), also known as Sebastian Yarrick, is the current Diplomat and advisor on foreign affairs within the NPO. IOT is noted as being the longest-serving member of the NPO to still hold his original position in government since his taking of the role, after the withdrawal of former diplomat Zuppa.

IOT has held domain over much of the guilds relations with others for the better part of 2 years. However, in recent times he has relaxed his handle on power and cut his involvement in international politics to spend more time on his homeworld with his family. Still avidly passionate about the direction of the guild, IOT has on many occasions shown disdain for needless wars, and was instrumental in the now by-gone policy of economic sanctions.

IOT has been noted as a "pretty rocking dude" and "good for a bit of the old bant" in his personal life.

He rules with an iron grip and will crush all those cross him.

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