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Launch Date

November 12, 2002

Status Active

Max Barry

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NationStates is a nation simulation game created by Max Barry in 2002.[1] The New Pacific Order was originally founded in a region of NationStates called The Pacific, from which it takes its name.



Nations are given automatically generated issues, the responses to which determine the nation's government type. There are 27 possible government types based on three dimensions: personal freedom, economic freedom, and political freedom.


Main article: Region (NationStates)

All nations reside in a region and, in general, can move freely between regions. Many regions have formal governments and intricate political systems. All regions a delegate nation which serves as the region's primary representative in the World Assembly.

World Assembly

The World Assembly is an international law-making body within NationStates in which players may submit resolutions that, if they garner enough approvals from regional World Assembly Delegates, reach a vote among all members of the organization (membership is voluntary). These resolutions, some of which are drafted on the NationStates forums cover a range of issues and are usually written in a format similar to that in a Model United Nations resolution.

Military Gameplay

Many regions are vulnerable to hostile takeovers if their delegates are elected. Military gameplay revolves around player attempts to execute or prevent such hostile takeovers. The former is often referred to as "raiding" and the latter is often referred to as "defending." The terminology "raiding and defending" is colloquially synonymous with military gameplay.

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