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This page contains the documentation for Template:Department infobox. It includes information about the template, such as usage and categories, and is not displayed when using the template itself.

This infobox is used for NPO departments.


  • game: the game that this page applies to; leave blank if not applicable.
  • width: the width of the infobox in pixels; use sparingly.
  • name: the name of the department; defaults to the page name.
  • image: an image for the department, such as flag or logo. File name and extension only.
  • imagewidth: the pixel width of the image, if smaller than 250px.
  • caption: a caption for the image.
  • status: a short description of the status of the department, such as "Active" or "Merged into X". Should be omitted if it is the same as "category".
  • category: (required) one word describing the status of the department, can be one of: active, defunct, merged, split, renamed (not case sensitive).
  • dates: the dates when the department was active.
  • position1 through position5: the names of leadership positions in the department. These are passed to {{gov}} to display the current occupants.
  • duties: a description of the responsibilities of the department.


{{Department infobox
|game = 
|name = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|status = 
|category = 
|dates = 
|position1 = 
|position2 = 
|position3 = 
|position4 = 
|position5 = 
|duties =