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Please fill out the fields to the best of your knowledge, but do not guess. For any that you don't know, leave the field blank.

  • description: A brief description of the file's contents, if the file name is not clear enough.
  • author: The person or people who contributed to the creation of the file.
  • license: The license and usage permissions of the file. If it is a commonly used license, simply enter the name and information will be displayed automatically. If there is explicitly no license, enter "none".
  • source: The URL where the file was obtained, or the person who provided it, if they are the creator. If possible, link to the original source, not a repost. If you are the creator of the file, enter "self".
  • affiliation: The group with which the file is associated. Please spell out abbreviations and capitalize correctly. If it is not an image officially used by a group, enter "none".
  • game: The game with which the file is associated. If none, leave blank.
  • type: The usage type of the file. For example, "avatar", "flag", "job tag", "war ribbon", "logo", "screenshot", or "other".
  • notes: Any miscellaneous notes which are important to the file and not covered in other fields. For example, alternative versions, any modifications made before uploading it, or items of interest it features.

This page contains information about how to use the template so that multiple locations can reference it without being updated individually.