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Documentation [edit]

This template is used to conveniently insert a group's flag and a link to their page (or a related individual), formatted to a standard layout. This is primarily used within {{War infobox}} and {{Treaty infobox}} (for blocs), and can be extended for other uses.

The parameters you need to use depend on how closely the flag's file name matches the file naming guidelines.


  • first unnamed parameter - the name of the group, spelled out.
  • second unnamed parameter - the related game to link to (passed to {{gamepage}} through {{abbrgame}}).
  • third unnamed parameter (optional) - what to display for the link; defaults to the full group name.
  • leader (optional) - this is used to change the link target to an individual instead of the group, e.g. for war commanders. Provide the person's name here.
  • ext (optional) - use this if you need to change only the file extension of the file, e.g. |ext=jpg.
  • variant (optional) - use this to specify an alternate version of the flag, such as a game-specific one. Whatever you put here will be inserted at the end of the file name, before the extension.
  • file (optional) - use this if you need to override the standard file name fully. Specify the name and extension.
  • format - the layout to use. Currently supported: "large" or "block" will display the flag at a larger size with the link below it, while "small" or "inline" will display a small flag with the link next to it; "tag" will display at 25px to support animated faction tags in Torn. Small is the default and does not need to be specified.


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