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Documentation [edit]

This template is used to link to any forum on a website, or a specific page in it. Commonly used sites are available as shortcuts; other sites can specify the software used to automate the correct link.

This template makes use of Lua code at Module:Forumlink. Please use the template rather than invoking the module directly.

Available parameters

  • first unnamed parameter: either the name of a shortcut (see below) or the website's host name and domain (e.g. npowned.net or forums.example.com).
  • second unnamed parameter: the text to display for the link. This will intelligently default to text based on what is linked to.
  • type: used to specify the forum software so the template can generate the correct link. Omit this if using a shortcut.
  • topic: used to link to a specific topic on the forum.
  • post: used to link to a specific post in a topic. On most forums, this will also require the topic to be specified. (See below for details; the template will warn you if it needs the topic.)
  • profile: used to link to a forum member's profile.
  • forum: used to link to a particular subforum.
  • news: used to link to a news post (only available on some sites).
  • announcement: used to link to a forum announcement (only available on some sites).
  • http: if the site is available on http only (not https), define this parameter (e.g. |http=x).
  • numbered: define this parameter to format the link as a default numbered link (no link text).


The following shortcuts are currently available. More can be added as needed. They are not case sensitive, but should be uppercase for propriety.




The following forum types are currently supported. More can be added as needed. They are not case sensitive.

  • Invision - Invision Community. Note: on these forums the page ID and slug (hyphenated phrase) are both required. The slug will be used to generate the default link text.
  • MyBB - current(?) MyBB with shorter URLs that all end in .html.
  • MyBBold - an older version of MyBB with longer .php and query-based URLs.
  • phpBB - good ol' phpBB. Note: to link to a topic, you do not need to include the f=### part of the URL. Also, you can use |post= on its own, without a topic. (At least on the version used on the NS forums.)


If no named parameter is specified, the template will link to the forum index (homepage).

Other than when "post" is used and requires a topic, parameters for specific pages will take precedence in the order listed above.


  • {{forumlink|NPO}} produces: NPO forums
  • {{forumlink|NPO|forum=1-reception-desk}} produces: 1-reception-desk
  • {{forumlink|NPO|forum=1-reception-desk|Apply here}} produces: Apply here
  • {{forumlink|NPO|numbered=x}} produces: [1]
  • {{forumlink|forum.nationstates.net|type=phpbb|NationStates forums}} produces: NationStates forums

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Forumlink/doc.