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Documentation [edit]

This template is used to give different behavior in different namespaces. For example, you may not want to apply categories when a particular template is used outside of the mainspace.


  • first unnamed parameter: the namespace to check the current namespace against.
    • You can use the namespace name (first letter is case insensitive), or the number if required (name is preferred for readability).
    • To check against the main namespace, use "main" or 0.
    • Remember that namespaces start at main = 0 and talk namespaces are odd.
    • As with links, "Project" is an alias for the site namespace (NPOWiki:)
  • second unnamed parameter: what to do if the current namespace equals the tested namespace.
  • third unnamed parameter: what to do if the namespaces are different.


  • {{if ns|template|this is a template page|not a template page}} produces: this is a template page
  • {{if ns|0|mainspace page|not mainspace}} produces: not mainspace

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:If ns/doc.