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Documentation [edit]

Please see NPOWiki:Policies#Infoboxes for which positions to list and the order to list them in. If consecutive affiliations or offices are the same, the duplicate headings will be omitted.

This template is meant to be "implemented" by other templates, but can be used directly if needed. Implementations must specify the game name and pass through any relevant parameters, or custom formatted information. They must be updated if the available parameters are changed.

For a list of current implementations, see here.

For the helper template this uses, see Template:Officeholder infobox/office.

Available parameters

  • game - can be one of: cybernations, nationstates, politicsandwar, torn, othergame (default).
  • width - of infobox; use sparingly. Currently not available in implementations.
  • name
  • mainpage - if the name of the player's main page is different from the one used on this page, enter the main page title here. If nolink is defined, it will disable this link entirely.
  • image - file name and extension only
  • caption
  • affiliation1 through affiliation9 - the name of the group this position was in.
  • office1 through office9 - the name of the position.
  • start1 through start9 - the date the office began being held.
  • end1 through end9 - the date the office ended being held.
  • prev1 through prev9 - the name of the person who previously held the position.
  • next1 through next9 - the name of the person who next held the position.


NOTE: if you are not expecting to use the maximum offices on a page, please reduce the skeleton to a reasonable number.

{{Officeholder infobox
|game = 
|width = 
|name = 
|mainpage = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|affiliation1 = 
|office1 = 
|start1 = 
|end1 = 
|prev1 = 
|next1 = 
|affiliation2 = 
|office2 = 
|start2 = 
|end2 = 
|prev2 = 
|next2 = 
|affiliation3 = 
|office3 = 
|start3 = 
|end3 = 
|prev3 = 
|next3 = 
|affiliation4 = 
|office4 = 
|start4 = 
|end4 = 
|prev4 = 
|next4 = 
|affiliation5 = 
|office5 = 
|start5 = 
|end5 = 
|prev5 = 
|next5 = 
|affiliation6 = 
|office6 = 
|start6 = 
|end6 = 
|prev6 = 
|next6 = 
|affiliation7 = 
|office7 = 
|start7 = 
|end7 = 
|prev7 = 
|next7 = 
|affiliation8 = 
|office8 = 
|start8 = 
|end8 = 
|prev8 = 
|next8 = 
|affiliation9 = 
|office9 = 
|start9 = 
|end9 = 
|prev9 = 
|next9 = 


For a script to generate the code for an implementation, see Template:Community infobox/doc#Helper.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Officeholder infobox/doc.