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Documentation [edit]

This template is used on non-game-specific pages for individuals.

Available parameters

  • width - the width of the infobox, only use this if really necessary.
  • name - the name of the person, defaults to page name.
  • image - file name and extension
  • imagewidth - width of the image in pixels, if the original image is narrower than 250px.
  • caption
  • forumid - the id for the person's profile page on the NPO forums, e.g. 16171. If the person does not have a forum account, enter N/A (this will not show anything on the page, but removes it from Category:Missing forum ID). By default, the page name will be added as the slug (the forum software requires one to be present, but it doesn't matter what it is, so providing only the number to this parameter is preferable).
  • pronouns - the person's preferred pronouns, if desired to be shared.
  • nsaffiliation - groups with which the person is affiliated in NationStates. This is a free-form field. Be sure to link to the NS-specific page for the group using {{NSp}}.
  • nsaccount - the person's nation(s) in NS. This is a free-form field. Nations can be linked or not.
  • nspacifican - the date(s) the person was a member of the NS NPO branch. This is also passed to Template:AgesEras.
  • cnaffiliation - same as nsaffiliation, but for Cyber Nations (the template is {{CNp}}).
  • cnaccount - same as nsaccount, but for Cyber Nations.
  • cnpacifican - same as nspacifican, but for Cyber Nations.
  • tornaffiliation - same, for Torn ({{Tornp}}).
  • tornaccount - same, for Torn.
  • tornpacifican - same, for Torn.


{{Person infobox
|image = 
|caption = 
|forumid = 
|pronouns = 
|nsaffiliation = 
|nsaccount = 
|nspacifican = 
|cnaffiliation = 
|cnaccount = 
|cnpacifican = 
|tornaffiliation = 
|tornaccount = 
|tornpacifican = 

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Person infobox/doc.