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Documentation [edit]

This template is used to display a table of past holders of a position. It is meant to be used by other templates that are then used on pages, rather than using this one directly. A list of these templates can be found here.

This template makes use of Module:Position history, which should not be used directly.


  • game - the name of the related game, if applicable (to link to the branch page).
  • position - the plural name of the position, to be displayed in the table heading.
  • positionheader - if desired, the singular form of the position name, to be used as a column heading.
  • title - (optional) this will change the default title from "(position) of the New Pacific Order" to whatever you specify (can include link[s]).
  • bgcolor - the background color for table headings; the default is NPO flag blue.
  • fontcolor - the font color for table headings; the default is the usual black font color.
  • state - use this to change the default state of the table - "collapsed" or "expanded". The default is expanded. This parameter should usually be passed through ( |state = {{{state|}}} ) so that the state can be changed on individual pages if necessary.
  • unnamed parameters - these are used in groups of three to specify the table rows. The first is the name of the position holder (preferably a link to the relevant page), the second is the date they took office, and the third is the day they left office. The third parameter can be left blank for the incumbent. However, any blank parameters must still be delimited by a pipe ( | ). There is no limit to the number of rows. They should be ordered with the most recent position holder listed first. If the table looks wrong, make sure you have exactly three parameters per set.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Position history/doc.