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Documentation [edit]

This template is used to link to a template while displaying the wikitext syntax.


  • First unnamed parameter: the template name. As with links, the first character is not case sensitive, and will be displayed as specified.
  • Second through fifth unnamed parameters: additional parameter values to display. To display a named parameter, you must either use {{=}} or "name" the number of the unnamed parameter you are using.


  • {{t|gov}} produces: {{gov}}
  • {{t|CN|Lord of Darkness}} produces: {{CN|Lord of Darkness}}
  • {{t|gamepage|game{{=}}NationStates}} produces: {{gamepage|game=NationStates}}
  • {{t|gamepage|2=game=Cyber Nations}} produces: {{gamepage|game=Cyber Nations}}

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:T/doc.