Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War

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Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War
Started February 22, 2021
Ended February 22, 2021
Cause NPO territory expansion
Result NPO seizes the QBB territory
Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order
Supported By
Waste Management
Supported By
God's Eye Alliance

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png SynysterGates


Ribbon Awarded
Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War War Ribbon

The Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War was fought between the New Pacific Order with the support of its allies against the Waste Management faction for possession of the QBB territory.


Prior to the war commencing, members of Prosperity were transferred to Strength to bolster the fighting capabilities of the faction.

Progress of the War

The war commenced at 09:59:54 February 22, 2021[1] with members Strength clearing the wall of Waste Management defenders. Within half an hour of combat starting, Strength members had taken possession of all 25 slots on the wall and began accumulating points for victory.

The remaining members of Prosperity with the ability to revive others were held in reserve, to bring back Strength fighters if they were hospitalised during combat. Later Waste Management organised a counter attack, calling in support from their affiliated God's Eye Alliance factions leading to more intense combat.

After an eight hour period of fighting, peace was negotiated in which Strength would take the territory in exchange for ceasing the raid. The fighting was concluded at 17:47:44.


The raid was a success, with the Strength faction taking control of the territory, and Military Command learning new lessons in territory warfare in Torn.

Emperor SynysterGates later announced the victory to the Torn members and presenting them with the ribbon for a successful operation.[2]


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  2. DAGUR War Report, SynysterGates (February 22, 2021)

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