New Pacific Order (Torn)

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New Pacific Order
Official Flag
Official Flag
NPO Flag
Founded February 9, 2020




Imperial Officers

SableCanary, iamthey, Nijil1, OsRavan, Xoriet

Imperial Governors

Pep_9090, Pressure, Selina


Severisen, Saxasm, echotte, Belle, Polaroth



Factions Operated
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The New Pacific Order has maintained a branch in Torn since February 2020. Because there is no formal mechanism to represent groups of NPO's size in Torn, its membership is dispersed across several factions.


Main article: Government history of the New Pacific Order in Torn
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The Torn branch of the New Pacific Order was founded in February 2020 with five factions. By July 2020 these had been consolidated into two primary factions, NPO - Strength and NPO - Prosperity. In July 2022, NPO - Peace was officially added to the roster, followed by NPO - Endurance in August. NPO - Valour was added in December 2023.


Main article: Charter of the New Pacific Order (Torn)

The Charter of the New Pacific Order is the supreme law of the Order.


NPO maintains six factions: Strength (Str), Prosperity (Pro), Endurance (End), Valour (Val), Serenity, and Peace.

Defunct NPO factions include Relm of Miscakes (ROM), United Marine Corps (UMC), BAPS 1 (BAPS), PEF Mafia (PEF), which became Prosperity, and Guinea Pig Mafia (GPM), which became Strength.


Military Command

Main article: Military Command of the New Pacific Order (Torn)

The Military Command is responsible for coordinating the military activities of the New Pacific Order as well as helping Pacificans to develop by educating them about the game.


Main article: Admissions Department of the New Pacific Order (Torn)

The Admissions department is responsible for recruitment, processing and educating prospective members who wish to join the New Pacific Order.

Pacific Financial

Main article: Pacific Financial (Torn)

Pacific Financial is responsible for generating money and wealth to provide an economic foundation for the New Pacific Order.

Diplomatic Affairs

Main article: Diplomatic Affairs (Torn)

Diplomatic Affairs is responsible for maintaining and growing the Order's presence and influence in Torn.

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