Military Command of the New Pacific Order (Torn)

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Military Command
Torn branch
Status Active
Active from July 4, 2020 - Present
Imperial Officer
General Twobagger
Coordinate and develop the military activities of the Order.

The New Pacific Order's Military Command also known as MilCom coordinates NPO's war effort and ensures all NPO members are equipped and ready for future battles. Military Command conducts regular audits of NPO's members and educates them on developing their Torn characters. The department reports directly to the Imperial Officers.


Military Command was the first department in the Torn branch of the New Pacific Order. Prior to it's opening recruitment started for Quartermasters[1], before the department officially commenced operations on July 4, 2020[2]. In the beginning the only position was Quartermaster, until November 27, 2020 when the High Command was announced with the creation of the rank of General.[3]

On March 21, 2021 High Command was expanded when SableCanary was announced as the first Colonel.[4]

War History

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In Torn there are three kinds of wars, Raids, Territory Wars and Ranked Wars. Raids are purely destructive in nature, where factions can take respect from reach other, Territory wars are fought over territories on the Torn map while Ranked Wars have a target amount of respect that must be met for a winner to be declared. Ranked Wars are available on the faction pages.

War Combatants Type Outcome Ribbon
New Sith Order Raid NPO, Black Knights, Hacienda vs. New Sith Order Raid NPO Victory NSO Raid War Ribbon
Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War NPO vs. Waste Management Territory War NPO Victory Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War Ribbon
Second Battle of QBB NPO vs. Dirty Deeds Inc Territory War NPO Victory
The Ancestors Campaign NPO vs. Ancestors Territory War NPO Victory
Second Battle of WBB NPO vs. Rabid Chihuahuas Territory War NPO Victory
Zerg Rush War Nameless vs. Vinerri, Stygian: Awakening & allies Territory War Nameless Victory
The Impulse War Nameless vs. Impulse, Also Impulse & Impulse 13! Territory War Nameless Victory
Not today, Satan! War Nameless vs. Trinity & We Are Rising Territory War Nameless Victory
The Unkindness Raid NPO & X/R vs. Unkindness Raid NPO Victory
Torn Medical War NPO & 39th Street Killers vs. Torn Medical Territory War NPO Victory
Island War 3.0 CRyPTo & Allies vs Natural Selection & Allies Territory War CRyPTo Defeat


Rank Image Duties
High Command
General Oversees the day-to-day running of the Pacifican War Machine and has the power to appoint people to positions within Military Command.
Colonel Assists in the management of the Pacifican War Machine.
Military Command
Lieutenant Lieutenants assist with wartime leadership plus tactical and strategic battle planning.
Non-Commissioned Officer NCOs help to make sure that our members are equipped and ready for combat, oversee faction chains as they occur, and mentor and lead Pacificans in battle.


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