Second Battle of QBB

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Second Battle of QBB
Started February 27, 2021
Ended March 2, 2021
Cause Dirty Deeds Inc attempts to seize QBB
Result NPO victory, retains QBB

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

Dirty Deeds Inc


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png SynysterGates


The Second Battle of QBB was a territory war fought between the New Pacific Order against the Dirty Deeds Inc faction for possession of the QBB territory.


NPO had recently taken the QBB territory in the Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War several days prior. Additionally the Torn game administrators had also made a change to the way the reviving and medical cooldowns now worked.

Progress of the War

Day 1

The war commenced at 17:58:37 February 27, 2021 when Dirty Deeds Inc launched their assault for the territory and began knocking NPO defenders off the wall and hospitalizing them. Strength then rallied and began to man the wall with as many people as possible in an attempt to slow the assault, by preventing Dirty Deeds from gaining points being on the wall too quickly.

After the initial exchanges Dirty Deeds Inc managed to increase their score to 121,774 through occupation, until 02:31:48 February 28 when NPO counter attacked and began winding back the progress they had made by eliminating 40,000 points in 45 minutes. By 04:24:24 DDI's points gain had been completely reversed, and was reduced to 0. DDI later made a small push to reclaim spots on the wall, but again were rapidly pushed off.

Day 2

By the start of the second day of fighting, the combat had petered out. NPO continued to occupy the majority of the wall slots and kept DDI's points gain to 0 throughout the day.

Day 3

At 20:30 February March 1, DDI again renewed their assault by pushing NPO defenders off the war and starting to accumulate points. They reached a high of 2793 before the gains were again reversed and their score fell to 0 after NPO gained the upperhand.

With 14 hours remaining before the war ceased and no chance that DDI could emerge victorious, NPO defenders were permitted to leave the wall and resume normal operations while the clock was run down. DDI took advantage of this to occupy the wall again, but only managed to earn 159,157 points - far short of the 1.25 million required for victory.

The territory war automatically ceased after 72 hours of combat at 17:59:06 March 2, 2021.


NPO successfully held off the assault from a group of stronger players and retained QBB. This was the first war fought following changes to the Torn medical system and offered the Order a chance to test the revised system and learn for future territory wars in Torn.



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