Imperial Emperor in Torn

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Imperial Emperor
New Pacific Order
Imperial Officer
August 18, 2021 – Present
June 28, 2020 – August 18, 2021
For more information on the player, see Imperial Emperor.

Imperial Emperor is a member of the Council in the New Pacific Order.


Imperial Emperor joined the NPO in Torn early on in February 2020. First joining the Relm of Miscakes faction, he later moved to the Guinea Pig Mafia before it was renamed to NPO - Strength.

He was appointed to the Council of the New Pacific Order in June 2020, where one of his major achievements was building out the first iteration of the Military Command, the first department the Order operated in Torn. He was appointed to the rank of Quartermaster[1], but later resigned.

On August 18 he was promoted to the rank of Imperial Officer.[2]


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