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New Pacific Order
November 28, 2018 – Present
The East Pacific
November 4, 2014 – March 4, 2015
For more information on the player, see Xoriet.

Xoriet is the Legatus of the New Pacific Order. She was previously a Delegate of The East Pacific and led or was government in several other regions.

NationStates Early Career

Xoriet founded in The East Pacific on June 8, 2012, and began as an issue answerer in the region. It was not until March 2013 that Xoriet discovered the regional community and joined the forums as a citizen who initially only participated in roleplay. Xoriet became involved in the Gameplay aspect of the community after Z-Day, a site event that takes place on Halloween, in late 2013. Xoriet joined the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army almost immediately afterward, and quickly became the most active member aside from the General. In January 2014 she became a Magister of The East Pacific at behest of Unibot, who was trying to turn the region defender. Xoriet was initially a supporter of the Defender Act and cooperated with Unibot until the proposal quickly became controversial and threatened to destroy regional unity. Instead she then supported the Identity Act, which kept The East Pacific unaligned and banned them from taking on any ideology or tagging the region with an ideological identity. Shortly after the conclusion of the Defender Act and the implementation of the Identity Act, the General of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army was forced to resign for harassment, and Xoriet was chosen as the next leader of the military.

NationStates Major Career

Now the elected Overseeing Officer of The East Pacific's military and bearing the custom title Erelim General in late March 2014, four and a half months into the game, Xoriet began the process of rebuilding the military from the ground up. Remaking the promotion system and recruiting for the military was difficult but achievable. Her early tenure was disrupted with a divisive election in The East Pacific, a battle between Ramaeus and Old Federalia, that led to hard regional conflict. Ramaeus won, and Old Federalia blamed the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army "bloc" for his loss. He later attempted to illegally establish a militia in The East Pacific to counter what he saw as a political barricade controlled by Xoriet. This was ruled illegal by the Conclave and the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army was established as the only legal military power in the region.

Under Xoriet, the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army reached a golden age that has not been matched in the existence of the military, either before or after. Record activity was achieved, several treaties were aided along by strong military cooperation, and good relations with both sides of the R/D spectrum were accomplished. The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army was kept steadfastly neutral in practice despite Xoriet's personal defender alignment. Regular cooperation was established with the North Pacific Army (The North Pacific), the Sekhmet Legion (Osiris), the South Pacific Special Forces (The South Pacific), and numerous other militaries. Xoriet put strong emphasis on good relations with other Game Created Region militaries and had a strong working relationship with defenders. Xoriet's success in the military field was largely due to meeting Severisen, who was responsible for the majority of training past a basic level.

Five months into her term, Xoriet was forced by a political scandal known as Operation Brave Little Toaster to resign as Overseeing Officer and Arbiter of the Conclave and to run for Delegacy. Relations with The South Pacific were at an all-time low after Cormac Stark exposed a plot masterminded by Belschaft of The South Pacific and supported by East Pacifican powerhouse Todd McCloud and most of the other Delegate candidates for the present election process. All but one of the candidates involved in Operation Brave Little Toaster dropped out of the election and Xoriet went on to win against British Grand Pacific. Her Delegacy was largely one involving pacifying moves and encouraging internal activity. Very little of note happened during that term except a complete overhaul of relations with The South Pacific and the initiation of a new treaty with Taijitu, a region with which The East Pacific had previously clashed.

Xoriet returned after only one term to running the military, though she soon ended up moonlighting in Lone Wolves United to help free it from a notorious DoS player and trouble led by The Black Riders. This led to her eventual resignation, but not before Xoriet organized support against the New Lazarene Order with both Lone Wolves United and the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army. After resignation, Xoriet became Il-Khan of Lone Wolves United and later joined The Black Hawks. Severisen joined her in Lone Wolves United and together they rebuilt the military and brought it to a new high of activity.

During this time, Xoriet became a strong advocate in a movement to oppose Out-Of-Character (OOC) harassment and other unacceptable behaviors by unsavory players and helped spearhead a new approach to how OOC bad people. Eventually this movement would prove to have flaws, as it would be politicized and used to attempt to take people out of the game for IC reasons, but it also did good for the wider community and saw the expulsion of several major players who had engaged in such behavior over the years. Near August 2016, Xoriet retired from NationStates and largely dropped off the map of the game for over a year and a half.

Return to NationStates

Xoriet returned somewhat to activity in the game in November 2017 with the unmasking of a notorious predator in the community to try and convince the Moderators to act on severe offsite evidence to protect the community. Between the evidence unearthed to expose the player, Xoriet's contributions, and a massive petition[1] with over a hundred signatures from players to incite the NationStates Moderation to act, the Moderators decided to act on severe, established offsite evidence[2]. This was a major turning point in the site's history for the Gameplay community. Less than four months later, Xoriet officially unretired in February 2018 and rejoined the world of NationStates.

Xoriet's return to the game was extremely rocky. She almost immediately became political opponents with politically powerful former friends and her former region, The Black Hawks. A misreading of parts of another political situation led to Xoriet also winding up on bad terms with The West Pacific over their perceived presence in and influence in The East Pacific through Queen Yuno's administration. During this time, Xoriet organized several all-Pacifics ops for the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army and refounded two regions targeted by fascists. Eventually, however, between political pressure and internal scheming supported by Queen Yuno and her close allies in The East Pacific, Xoriet ended up leaving her region of six years and joining The Pacific. Before leaving, Xoriet helped conclude the details of a treaty between The Pacific and The East Pacific[3].

Career in the New Pacific Order

The early days in the New Pacific Order were fairly uneventful, but the political situation from previous encounters remained precarious. Xoriet stayed mostly internal and focused on military work, although a good deal of effort put into finding objectionable nations and Civil Code violations and reporting them led to her invitation to the Praetorian Guard within three months, and appointment to full Praetorian within a month. Xoriet mostly engaged in basic Praetorian work and information gathering for Aleisyr and Pergamon for that time. In late 2018, Xoriet was Commended[3] by the Security Council. The situation drastically changed in November 2018 when a massive scandal[4] for the New Pacific Order was exposed. The disaster led to a chaotic upheaval of the existing Senate. The result of this event was that Xoriet was asked to join the Senate in the office of Foreign Affairs (Legatus) to help preserve the region in the face of disaster. Other Senators appointed were Jar Wattinree, Elegarth, and Ivan Moldavi (Pierconium).

The early Senate days were tumultuous and chaotic, with the Anti-Pacific Coalition serving as the primary opposition. Xoriet worked mainly through back channels for communication with important members and aided significantly in winning the trust back of regions that had concluded that they were finished with the New Pacific Order after the latest scandal. The appointments of Elegarth and Ivan Moldavi led to a strong team that operated with Ivan Moldavi as the front line fighter and Elegarth and Xoriet mostly working with their friends in other regions to try to mitigate the damage somewhat. This did not show significant amounts of progress other than to stop several other major regions from joining the Anti-Pacific Coalition. After Ivan Moldavi had outlasted his opponents on the debate field of NationStates Gameplay, he took more of a backseat and left the field to Elegarth and Xoriet, both serving as joint Legatii at the time.

Xoriet moved a few months after becoming Legatus to Praetor, where she undertook much the same project she had with the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army in restructuring and organizing requirements for training to achieve certain positions. This built the framework for a military with diverse abilities and considerable knowledge. One of her early acts was appointing Marina to Praefectus, where she proceeded to excel and drive activity and progress. Military activity hit an all-time high. A little over a year into her term as Praetor, Xoriet requested a return to Legatus, a position that had been empty since Elegarth was promoted to Consul, and that Marina be appointed to Praetor. This change was enacted in March 2020, shortly before the next Vox Populi elections. The Legio Pacifica has since risen further in activity under Marina and continued to flourish overall.

Now faced with the task of finishing reestablishing relations with regions that had turned on the New Pacific Order in November 2018, Xoriet and Elegarth continued working with friends and allies in other regions to restore the place of The Pacific in Gameplay. Elegarth was primarily responsible for the Non-Aggression Pact with The South Pacific[4] and entirely responsible for active relations with The West Pacific . Xoriet kept up good relations with the only ally that had not abandoned the New Pacific Order, The East Pacific [5], and worked to establish relations with Balder. Eventually, treaties with The West Pacific[6]</ref> and Balder[7] were achieved, and it seemed that progress was truly in effect.