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New Pacific Order
February 4, 2012 – April 23, 2013
Preceded by Mary the Fantabulous
Succeeded by Farrin
March 30, 2011 – February 4, 2012
Preceded by Mary the Fantabulous
Succeeded by Bakamitai
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs
September 28, 2009 – July 16, 2010
Preceded by Noob5
Succeeded by Red
For more information on the player, see Brehon.

Brehon was the sixth Emperor of the New Pacific Order. His reign was marked by internal reforms and an assertive foreign policy. It culminated in the Equilibrium War, an important but fleeting victory for NPO.

Prior to his appointment as Emperor, Brehon had a long career in NPO's Department of Internal Affairs and its predecessor institutions.

Early Career

Imperial Leadership

Reign as Emperor

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