Moo Cows With Guns in NationStates

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Moo Cows with Guns
New Pacific Order
October 24, 2006 – May 14, 2009
Preceded by Ivan Moldavi
Succeeded by Krulltopia
For more information on the player, see Moo Cows with Guns.

Moo Cows with Guns was the fifth Emperor of the New Pacific Order. His reign was plagued with an amalgamation of chaos and inactivity due his prioritization of CyberNations and both Pacificans and foreign actors attempting to take advantage of his inactivity in NationStates.

NationStates Early Career


Moo Cows with Guns began his career in the defender sphere in 2005. His original region of prominence was Equilism.


Moo Cows With Guns joined Equilism in 2005 and rose quickly in the ranks to gain a name as a skilled defender. In his time in the E-Army, he served as its commander as well as creating and forever holding the record for most operations conducted by a single member in Equilism (212 defensive operations). Moo became the Prime Minister of Equilism, though he preserved his UN nation for military operations rather than taking the Delegacy of Equilism as was customary. Instead, his President, Chaucerin, held the Delegacy of the region in his place.

He also aspired to become part of the leadership of the Alliance Defense Network but was stymied by a tight-knit group that refused to admit new members to more prestigious ranks. This frustration contributed to his decision to dabble in the raider sphere and initiate contact with the New Pacific Order. He was Prime Minister when he began to speak in earnest with raiders and the New Pacific Order. Equilism eventually obtained evidence of this and confronted Moo Cows With Guns with what they knew. Moo Cows With Guns denied it, but later confessed that he was now a Senator of the New Pacific Order and stepped down from his position. This decision spared Equilism a treason trial with Moo Cows With Guns as the defendant.

Moo Cows With Guns was eventually permitted to interact with Equilism when Westwind abandoned defenderism as Equilism's alignment in the latter half of 2006. He was allowed onto the Cabinet of the region once again and Equilism and The Pacific established embassies.

Career in the New Pacific Order

Moo Cows With Guns was still concealing his involvement with the New Pacific Order when he became a Senator. His work was good enough that he was chosen by Ivan Moldavi to succeed him in the position of Emperor. Moo Cows With Guns became Emperor in early 2007. His attention was divided between CyberNations and NationStates. This led to Moo Cows With Guns' reign sinking the region into a new age of inactivity. His negligence in logging into the Delegate nation was concealed by granting the Senate access to his nation to endotart for him. Many in NationStates wanted to coup The Pacific just to end the stagnancy, including some of Moo Cows With Guns' own Senators. Senator of Intelligence, Darkesia, notably attempted to coup The Pacific four times, only being caught by the Senate once. After this she was exiled for treason. Moo Cows With Guns continued on with his Senate primarily driving what activity there was and engaging other regions. Some notable events during his reign included signing to the Azure Alliance with former enemy regions and a temporary rebrand to The United Sovereign States of The Pacific (USSP). Moo Cows With Guns passed his Delegacy to Krulltopia on May 14, 2009.