TrotskysRevenge in Cyber Nations

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New Pacific Order
January 30, 2007 – September 30, 2009
Preceded by Dilber
Succeeded by Cortath
October 1, 2006 – January 30, 2007
Preceded by Vladimir
Succeeded by Bakunin's Dream
For more information on the player, see TrotskysRevenge.

TrotsksyRevenge, commonly known as "Moo Cows," "Moo Cows with Guns," or "Moo," was the third Emperor of the New Pacific Order. His reign marked the zenith of Pacific power and influence in Cyber Nations, although it also saw the gradual decay of many of NPO's institutions.

Early Career

TrotskysRevenge served multiple consecutive times on NPO's Alliance and War Councils in 2006. He was appointed Regent by Dilber after Ivan and Vladimir resigned simultaneously as Emperor and Regent, respectively.

He was a vocal proponent of the use of military force during his time on the War Council.

Reign as Emperor

Main article: Age of the Divine Bovine

Career After Abdication

Moo spent most his time after abdicating in NPO Media.

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