Admissions Department of the New Pacific Order (Torn)

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Torn branch
Status Active
Active from January 22, 2021 - Present
Imperial Officer
Provost Iamthey
Deputy Provost

The Admissions department manages recruitment and application for prospective members who wish to join the New Pacific Order. Staff of the Admissions department help recruit new members to join the other, and also question each applicant and help educate them on both Torn and Pacifica itself including its structure, history and culture.


The Admissions department (initially called the Imperial Academy) was formed on January 22, 2021 when Emperor SynysterGates opened the department with the appointment of Elegarth as the first Provost.[1] On February 13, 2021 the rank of Deputy Provost was created with Nemphesis being appointed.[2]

With the opening of the Recruitment Corps, the Imperial Academy was renamed to Admissions and would oversee both the recruitment of new members and the processing of all applications.[3]


Rank Image Duties
Provost Oversees the day-to-day running of the Admissions department.
Deputy Provost Assists the Provost with the running of the Admissions department.
Senior Instructor
Instructor Questions applicants and assists them with learning about the game and the Order
Recruitment Corps
Senior Recruiter
Recruiter Messages new Torn players in-game to recruit new members to the Order


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