NPO - Prosperity (Torn)

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NPO - Prosperity
Part of New Pacific Order




Ranked War Record
  • Total: 3
  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 0
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"Prosperity" redirects here. For the NPO motto, see New Pacific Order#Motto.

NPO - Prosperity, often referred to as Prosperity or Pro, is a faction of the New Pacific Order in Torn.


Prosperity was originally founded as the PEF Mafia, until it was renamed to "NPO - Prosperity" as part of a wider faction reorganisation by SynysterGates.[1] The members of Prosperity enjoyed an upgrade when it was announced that a new faction had been purchased to replace the existing faction, with more respect and upgrades available. The transition took place after October 16, 2021.[2] The new faction was previously known as Hello High, while the old faction was sold in late November and became Cry of the Lost.

In July 2022 Prosperity enlisted in their first ranked war, and were matched with 709's RugRats. During the ranked war, Prosperity were able to defeat 709's RugRats after 18 hours of fighting and achieved a historical first victory, and ranked up to Bronze I.