The Unwoke Ranked War

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The Unwoke Ranked War
Started January 13, 2023
Ended January 14, 2023

NPO Victory

Preceded By Lingering Insanity Ranked War
Succeeded By The Unkindness Raid

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

The Unwoke


New Pacific Order flag Nemphesis


The The Unwoke Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and The Unwoke in January 2023.


Following the purchase of the 39th Street Killers XR faction which became the new home for NPO - Strength, the previous Strength shell was used to upgrade Prosperity. The Strength shell had ranked up to Gold and it was decided to "derank" Prosperity to a lower rank where they would be more competitive with their battle stats, which took six wars to reduce down to Silver I where it was possible to resume the wars again.

Prosperity was matched with The Unwoke on January 10, with the war set to begin on January 13 and a net target score of 9,200 required for victory. An initial assessment of The Unwoke showed that several of their members had stats in the billions range.

War Progress

The war commenced at 17:00. The initial hour saw several lead changes before Prosperity were able to land a bonus hit and start widening the lead that they were building. After four hours of fighting and a 1000 chain bonus hit, Prosperity reached a lead of over 2500 score. With Prosperity allowing the chain to drop, The Unwoke chipped away at the lead for two hours but were unable to make any significant gains.

A new push commenced at 22:40 and in less than two hours Prosperity had built a chain up to 500, pushing the lead up to over 400. With no major resistance from The Unwoke, Prosperity were able to achieve the target score after 14 hours of fighting.


At the conclusion of the war, Prosperity ranked up from Silver I to Silver II and received 16,216 bonus respect, 5,351 points, 8x Armor Cache, 5x Medium Arms Cache, 3x Melee Cache, and 2x Small Arms Cache.


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