Lingering Insanity Ranked War

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Lingering Insanity Ranked War
Started December 10, 2022
Ended December 11, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By Vigilantes Ranked War
Succeeded By The Resolute Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Lingering Insanity flag Lingering Insanity


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

Lingering Insanity flag Badd1

The Lingering Insanity Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and the SPECTRE in September 2022.


Strength was matched with Lingering Insanity on December 6, 2022, with the war set to begin on December 10 with a net target score of 10,700 required for victory.

War Progress

The war began at 2300 TCT, and Military Command having realised that the start time was unfavourable made a successful attempt to turtle, enlisting the services of other factions to keep Strength members in hospital. The result was that after seven hours of fighting, Lingering Insanity had only achieved a lead of less than 700 points.

Strength members counter attacked and rapidly took the lead. Lingering Insanity seemingly abandoned the war, with minimal resistance being encountered until the 13th hour of fighting when Lingering Insanity members fought back, but their assault was halted and their gains reversed in less than an hour. A 2500 chain bonus hit against them sealed the end of the war.


At the conclusion Strength ranked up from Gold III to Platinum I and received 14,792 bonus respect, 4,881 points, 2x Heavy Arms Cache, 3x Armor Cache, 7x Medium Arms Cache, 3x Melee Cache, and 2x Small Arms Cache. This made Strength the first NPO faction to enter Platinum.


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