The Resolute Ranked War

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The Resolute Ranked War
Started September 24, 2022
Ended September 25, 2022

NPO Defeat

Preceded By SPECTRE Ranked War
Succeeded By Warriors 4077th Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

The Resolute flag The Resolute


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

The Resolute flag Vashti

The Resolute Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and The Resolute in September 2022.


Prosperity was matched with The Resolute on September 20, 2022, with the war set to begin on September 24 and a net target score of 7,900 required for victory. Research indicated that Prosperity would be at a significant stats disadvantage due to The Resolute having multiple members with billions of stats.

War Progress

The war commenced at 2000 TCT and The Resolute immediately took the lead, with their members successfully dropping multiple chain hits against Prosperity. Prosperity was able to counter with a small chain of their own, but the battle stats advantage was too great and after Prosperity achieved a score of over 3300, the decision was made to cease the war to enable Prosperity members to resume training. The Resolute achieved the target score after 15 hours of combat.


This was Prosperity's first defeat in a ranked war, and at the conclusion Prosperity ranked down from Silver I to Silver and received 2,680 bonus respect, 884 points, 1x Armor Cache, 1x Medium Arms Cache, 1x Melee Cache.


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