Warriors 4077th Ranked War

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Warriors 4077th Ranked War
Started October 8, 2022
Ended October 9, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By The Resolute Ranked War
Succeeded By In Memory of the Fallen Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Warriors 4077th flag Warriors 4077th


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

Warriors 4077th flag Vashti

The Warriors 4077th Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and Warriors 4077th in October 2022.


Prosperity was matched with Warriors 4077th on October 4, 2022, with the war set to begin on October 8 and a net target score of 8,700 required for victory.

War Progress

The war started at 2100 TCT and Prosperity gained an early lead, reaching over 4000 points after four hours of fighting. After 11 hours of fighting Prosperity needed less than 1000 score to achieve the target amount when Warriors 4077th launched a small counter attack that lasted under an hour. This reduced the lead Prosperity had built only marginally, although it took 16 hours of fighting before Prosperity reached the target score and won.


At the conclusion Prosperity ranked up from Silver to Silver I and received 7,857 bonus respect, 2,593 points, 1x Armor Cache, 5x Medium Arms Cache, 3x Melee Cache, and 1x Small Arms Cache.

This would be the last ranked war Prosperity would fight in 2022, as NPO purchased the 39th Street Killers XR faction which became the new home for Strength, while the then Strength faction would become the new Prosperity home. As the old-Strength shell had reached the Gold rank, Prosperity would need to 'derank' it over several ranked wars in which the battles were deliberately lost to bring the rank down to a level where Prosperity would be fighting against factions that they could go against with and not be immediately overwhelmed. This process was completed by the time Prosperity fought The Unwoke Ranked War in January 2023.


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