The Unkindness Raid

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The Unkindness Raid
Started January 14, 2023
Ended January 15, 2023

Unkindness raid Peace


NPO victory, Unkindness ceases raid on Peace

Preceded By The Unwoke Ranked War
Succeeded By PT-Calculated Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Xanax / Refill flag Xanax / Refill

Unkindness flag Unkindness


New Pacific Order flag Nemphesis
Xanax / Refill flag PimpChu

Unkindness flag iamdeath666

Ribbon Awarded
The Unkindness Raid War Ribbon

The Unkindness Raid was a raid between the New Pacific Order and Unkindness that started on January 14, 2023.


Unkindness launched a raid on NPO - Peace on January 14. Attempts to resolve the situation diplomatically were met with aggressive responses from the Unkindness leadership, resulting in Strength and Prosperity stepping in to counter raid and defend Peace with support from PimpChu and his faction Xanax / Refill.

War Progress

Unkindness was immediately on the back foot with the counter attacks, being outnumbered in both membership and battle stats. Strength rapidly destroyed over 130 respect in the first few hours, with Prosperity and Xanax / Refill also joining the fray.

When the Unkindness leadership realised that several of their members had revives turned on, they started kicking them out of their faction to try to prevent additional score loss.

The war ended on January 15 after Unkindness leadership requested an end to the war, having taken more damage then they'd dealt.


Unkindness destroyed 99 respect from Peace, while in return they lost 267 respect from the Order (Strength destroyed 232 and Prosperity destroyed 35) whilst X/R destroyed 73 respect. Unkindness suffered a further blow when the staff placed iamdeath666 permanently in federal jail.


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