Zerg Rush War

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Zerg Rush War
Started December 9, 2021
Ended December 20, 2021

Vinerri and Stygian territory expansion


Nameless victory

Preceded By Second Battle of WBB
Succeeded By The Impulse War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

In Memory of the Fallen flag In Memory of the Fallen

aXiom flag aXiom
Iron Rose Cartel flag Iron Rose Cartel

Aurora flag Aurora
Rabid Chihuahuas flag Rabid Chihuahuas
The Last Post flag The Last Post

Reign of Confusion flag Reign of Confusion
MasterMinds of Mischief flag MasterMinds of Mischief
Naughty Souls flag Naughty Souls

Vinerri flag Vinerri
Stygian: Awakening flag Stygian: Awakening

Cabal flag Cabal
Guerrilla Warfare flag Guerrilla Warfare
Vault 76 flag Vault 76
The Mile High Club flag The Mile High Club
Valhalla - Bound flag Valhalla - Bound
Sacrifice flag Sacrifice


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor
In Memory of the Fallen flag Prynce

aXiom flag Kylar
Iron Rose Cartel flag LordAlexxx
Aurora flag -Grey-Worm-
Rabid Chihuahuas flag Bardicer
The Last Post flag -Scar-
Reign of Confusion flag KingShmexy
MasterMinds of Mischief flag Lady_T
Naughty Souls flag Matsumushi

Vinerri flag Queen-Warly-Woo
Stygian: Awakening flag Malcky_420
Cabal flag PaperTown
Guerrilla Warfare flag BodyBagger
Vault 76 flag JoeBoro
The Mile High Club flag Gravity769
Valhalla - Bound flag LeeH360
Sacrifice flag Mary_Anne

Ribbon Awarded
Zerg Rush War War Ribbon

The Zerg Rush War was a coalition territory war fought between the forces of Nameless and their allies against the remnants of New Hood centered around Vinerri and Stygian: Awakening for territory in the city's west.


Following a war which saw significant upheaval as factions were removed from the map, the Order was invited to join a group of factions centered around In Memory of the Fallen in holding territories in Sector 6. With relations warming between the Order and its new allies, Prosperity was able to enter the map to help occupy land.

In late November the coalition received information suggesting that the forces of New Hood would be launching an attack following their defeat on the map. By December 5 the threat of war had been reduced following information suggesting that the New Hood had splintered, with Vinerri leading one remnant of it.

Unexpectedly the Hall of Fame faction JUX launched an assault for three rackets in territories to the north of where the allied forces were located, which were occupied by Atlas. JUX initially landed on Dark Energy, who instantly capitulated within minutes of the war starting. Next it emerged that Flux was aware that the attack would be coming but failed to inform the coalition. Plans were drawn up to eliminate Dark Energy and Flux in order to hand the lands over to Atlas as compensation for losing them to JUX. These plans were disrupted when Atlas at the last minute abandoned the operation.

Dark Energy and Flux then abandoned their territories, and allowed Vinerri and Stygian: Awakening to occupy their lands and start their assault on coalition forces.[1]

War Progress

First Battle of JCG

Main article: First Battle of JCG

Prior to the war, the positions of Strength and Prosperity had been shifted around in preparation for the expected assault by New Hood. This left Prosperity closer to the front line then had been planned, resulting in them coming under attack by Stygian: Awakening at 17:15:57 on December 9th.

After a valiant defensive operation, Stygian: Awakening successfully conquered the territory after nearly 24 hours of fighting.

Second Battle of JCG

Main article: Second Battle of JCG

After Stygian's war with Prosperity had concluded, Strength and Prosperity switched positions to allow Strength to go on the counter attack.

Stygian had little time to enjoy their victory as Strength started an assault to reclaim JCG at 15:55:08 on December 10th, claiming the territory in a straight forward fight after 15 hours at 06:35:06 December 11th.

First Battle of MCG

Main article: First Battle of MCG

30 minutes after the Second Battle of JCG ended, at 06:56:13 Strength initiated an attack on Vinerri for the territory of MCG. The initial attack pushed the Vinerri defenders off the wall, and after successfully occupying the wall for 14 hours Strength halted progress electing to match any Vinerri defenders that sat on the wall in order to assist allied forces on other walls.

After successfully maintaining a holding pattern for nearly 50 hours, Strength was given the order to conquer the wall and the territory was captured at 23:50:07 on December 13th.

First Battle of HTB

Main article: First Battle of HTB

The next assault took place at 08:59:15 on December 14th when Strength started to attack HTB held by Stygian. The fighting was some of the toughest that Strength had faced up to that point, with significant gains not being seen until 38 hours into the fighting.

49 hours in the battle a decision was made to shift the fighting away from the HTB wall to assist the Order's allies with their walls. This unfortunately was a tactical mistake as Stygian focused the HTB wall at the same moment and drove the Order's score backwards in the next 17 hours to the point that it was mathematically impossible for Strength to capture it and the battle was lost.

First Battle of CTB

Main article: First Battle of CTB

After the Battle of HTB the Order and its allies re-positioned, with Strength launching a new assault against Stygian for HTB at 02:33:12 on December 19th.

This battle proved more straight forward and the territory was captured in 15 hours at 17:38:06 on December 19th.

Diplomatic Changes

See also: Nameless

While the war was being fought, the Order was invited to join the Torn alliance known as Nameless, made up of the majority of the forces that the NPO had been fighting alongside.[2]


After over a week of fighting, Vinerri and Stygian had been pushed back to a handful of territories. While plans were being drawn up by Nameless forces to de-sector them and expel them from the map, word was received that Vinerri was going to abandon the area and Stygian surrendered bringing the war to a close.

Nameless was able to consolidate in the areas that it had occupied and held, solidifying its position as a faction alliance.

On December 27, Imperial Emperor presented the war ribbon to the members of Strength and Prosperity who had fought in the war. [3]