Second Battle of WBB

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Second Battle of WBB
Started October 2, 2021
Ended October 2, 2021

Rabid Chihuahuas territory expansion


NPO retains WBB

Preceded By The Ancestors Campaign
Succeeded By Zerg Rush War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Rabid Chihuahuas flag Rabid Chihuahuas


New Pacific Order flag SynysterGates

Rabid Chihuahuas flag Bardicer

Ribbon Awarded
Second Battle of WBB War Ribbon

The Second Battle of WBB was a territory war fought between the New Pacific Order and the Rabid Chihuahuas faction for possession of the WBB territory.


After In Memory of the Fallen occupied territories next to Strength by defeating the Alcoholic Drug Abusers, they then transferred several territories to the Rabid Chihuahuas who they were friendly with. These territories were adjacent to NPO territories.

War Progress

Day 1

The war commenced at 00:19:16 October 2, 2021 when Rabid Chihuahuas attacked NPO to assault the territory. While their push was initially successful, the Order counter attacked at 4am TCT resulting in most of the wall spots being occupied and Rabid Chihuahuas members being pushed off. Following the counter attack the fighting was reduced to several skirmishes with the Chihuahuas' largest hitters doing the best they could to remove Pacificans from the wall, while Pacificans kept rejoining empty slots.

Eventually weight of numbers prevailed and by 10:48 the progress the Chihuahuas had made was reduced to zero. The Order was able to hold the points gain at zero for several hours before Rapid Chihuahuas launched a second assault on the wall, and for a brief time had 24 of their members occupying the slots. After gaining 150,000 points, Pacificans were again able to reverse the gains and reduce the points gain to zero.


With the two assaults repulsed, Rabid Chihuahuas and NPO came to a truce agreement at 23:36, bringing the war to an end after less than 24 hours.


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