First Battle of WBB

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First Battle of WBB
Part of:
The Ancestors Campaign
Started July 20, 2021
Ended July 20, 2021

NPO territory expansion


NPO captures WBB

Succeeded By First Battle of ZBB

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Ancestors flag Ancestors


New Pacific Order flag SynysterGates

Ancestors flag M_P

Ribbon Awarded
First Battle of WBB War Ribbon

The First Battle of WBB was a territory war fought between the New Pacific Order and the Ancestors faction for possession of the WBB territory.


Having observed the Ancestors lose a recent territory war, the NPO saw an opportunity to seize a new territory.

War Progress

Day 1

The war commenced at 04:30:11 July 20, 2021 when NPO opened the assault to take the territory. The Ancestor defenders were rapidly pushed off the wall and within 30 minutes, NPO occupied all 28 slots on the wall.


With negligible resistance from the Ancestors, NPO successfully took the territory after 14 hours. Several days later after unlocking another territory expansion, the Order commenced an assault against ZBB in the First Battle of ZBB.


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