The Impulse War

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The Impulse War
Started January 7, 2022
Ended January 20, 2022

Impulse territory expansion

  • Also Impulse expelled from the map
  • Impulse and Impulse 13! hold minimal territories
Preceded By Zerg Rush War
Succeeded By IA Green Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

In Memory of the Fallen flag In Memory of the Fallen

Rabid Chihuahuas flag Rabid Chihuahuas
Naughty Souls flag Naughty Souls
aXiom flag aXiom

Impulse flag Impulse


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor
In Memory of the Fallen flag Prynce

Rabid Chihuahuas flag Bardicer
Naughty Souls flag Matsumushi
aXiom flag Kylar

Impulse flag RealmKeeper

Ribbon Awarded
The Impulse War War Ribbon

The Impulse War was a territory war fought between the forces of Nameless against the Impulse family, made up of Impulse, Also Impulse and Impulse 13!.


After concluding the Zerg Rush War, Nameless settled into its Sector 6 territories. Not long after though a warning came that Impulse was planning an attack, the information was deemed credible and the alliance began making preparations for the assault. On January 7, In Memory of the Fallen and the NPO - Strength commenced a fake wall to protect the rackets that were in the area.

War Progress

The war began when the three Impulse factions initiated their attack by striking In Memory of the Fallen at 2000 on January 7. They rapidly gained ground across three territories which they captured within 14 hours. While the attacks were underway, Nameless shifted their forces around to be ready to provide a counter attack. On January 8, Imperial Emperor announced that the Order was in a state of war with Impulse.[1]

First Battle of WGF

Main article: First Battle of WGF

Following Impulse 13! successfully capturing WGF, Strength launched a counter attack at 10:33:18 on January 8. Working together with some outside assistance, Strength were able to clear the wall and start gaining points towards capturing the territory. After 52 hours of fighting, the Order ultimately prevailed and captured the territory on January 11. This forced Impulse 13! to regroup on the smaller territory LIF to avoid being removed from the map, and marked the first allied victory against Impulse.

First Battle of ZGF

Main article: First Battle of ZGF

After holding its position and assisting allies, the Order again returned directly to the fighting by launching a new attack against Also Impulse over ZGF at 04:26:10 on January 13. With no major counter attack coming, ZGF was conquered after 18 hours of fighting. Losing their only remaining territory, Also Impulse attempted to avoid being removed from the map by assaulting JJF which ultimately failed.

End of the Fighting

Following the capture of ZGF significant fighting action came to an end in a stalemate. While Nameless couldn't assault Impulse, Impulse couldn't expand for fear of being assaulted by multiple Nameless factions.


The war was declared finished on January 20 when Imperial Emperor announced the end of major combat operations, and awarded a war ribbon to all members who took part in the war.[2]