First Battle of ZGF

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First Battle of ZGF
Part of:
The Impulse War
Started January 13, 2022
Ended January 13, 2022

Capture Impulse territory


NPO Victory

Preceded By First Battle of WGF

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Also Impulse flag Also Impulse

Supported By
Impulse flag Impulse


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

Also Impulse flag Tezzle

Impulse flag RealmKeeper
Impulse 13! flag Shandurai

The First Battle of ZGF was a battle fought between the New Pacific Order reinforced by Nameless against Also Impulse who were supported by the Impulse faction family.


Following their failed attack against the Rabid Chihuahuas to capture VGF, the Rabid Chihuahuas counter attacked Also Impulse and captured XGF which had been their landing point on the map. Also Impulse avoided being removed from the map through a fake wall with ZGF against Impulse which they had initated. Impulse allowed them to capture the territory to remain on the map.

War Progress

Day 1

The fighting began at 04:26:10 on January 13 when Strength initiated an assault on the territory. The Also Impulse defenders were quickly eliminated and the Strength attained superiority over the wall. Attacks made by Also Impulse in retaliation were brushed aside, with Also Impulse members who joined the wall being rapidly hospitalised.

While Also Impulse rallied and attempted a counter attack six hours into the fighting, their efforts were blunted and the wall was captured after 16 hours of combat.


ZGF was the last remaining territory held by Also Impulse. In an attempt to avoid being desectored they assaulted JJF, but with the attack fizzing out and going no where they conceded and became the first Impulse faction to be removed from the map.