First Battle of WGF

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First Battle of WGF
Part of:
The Impulse War
Started January 8, 2022
Ended January 11, 2022

Impulse territory expansion


NPO Victory

Succeeded By First Battle of ZGF

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Supported By
In Memory of the Fallen flag In Memory of the Fallen
Rabid Chihuahuas flag Rabid Chihuahuas
Naughty Souls flag Naughty Souls
aXiom flag aXiom

Impulse 13! flag Impulse 13!

Supported By
Impulse flag Impulse


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

In Memory of the Fallen flag Prynce

Rabid Chihuahuas flag Bardicer
Naughty Souls flag Matsumushi
aXiom flag Kylar

Impulse flag Shandurai

Impulse flag RealmKeeper
Impulse flag Tezzle

The First Battle of WGF was a battle fought between the New Pacific Order reinforced by Nameless against Impulse 13! who were supported by the Impulse faction family.


Having received warning that Impulse might land near by, Nameless forces readied for combat. The fighting began on January 7 when Impulse, Also Impulse and Impulse 13! began attacking In Memory of the Fallen. They successfully conquered three territories when the counter attack was made.

War Progress

Day 1

Strength launched an assault on WGF to retake it from Impulse 13! which started at 10:33:18 on January 8. After an initial wave of success, Impulse 13! members rallied and pushed Strength off the walls three hours into the fighting, occupying the territory slots and reducing Strength's gains to zero after less than five hours.

The next ten hours saw a lull in the fighting as Strength reorganised, before starting a second push fifteen hours into the fighting. This proved more successful, and 24 hours after the fighting had began Strength was rapidly gaining points even accounting for a Impulse counter push that stalled the advance for nearly two hours.

Day 2

27 hours into the fighting, Strength had 415,000 points when Impulse returned to counter attack. The next three hours saw an arm wrestle as Impulse tried to take control while Strength tried to keep advancing, but 30 hours into the fighting Impulse gained the upper hand, cleared the wall of all NPO members and began driving down the war score again.

They maintained control of the wall for the next six hours, reducing the war score to 217,000 points before another Strength push began. Unfortunately the attack petered out relatively quickly, and after 38 hours of fighting time Impulse had driven the war score down to 194,000.

Their success was short lived, as Nameless mounted a concentrated effort to help the Order and with their assistance the wall was once again cleared of Impulse members, with Strength holding the majority of the wall. Impulse counter attacks from their members were dealt with, even as they cleared the wall down to a handful of members, but they proved unable to repeat the successful counter attacks that they had performed earlier in the day.

Day 3

The push that commenced during Day 2 ultimately succeeded, with Strength beating back the small counter attacks and capturing the territory after 52 hours of consecutive fighting.


The assault forced Impulse 13! to attack LIF to avoid being desectored and removed from the map. This marked the first successful offensive move against Impulse since the war began.