New Sith Order Raid

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New Sith Order Raid
Started August 14, 2020
Ended August 16, 2020

Numerous incidents from NSO members and government against members of the NPO in the preceding months


NSO Defeat

Succeeded By Dan Almost Got Us Rolled War

Flag of the New Pacific Order.png New Pacific Order

Black Knights.jpg Black Knights

New Sith Order Flag.jpg New Sith Order


Flag of the New Pacific Order.png SynysterGates

New Sith Order Flag.jpg Rayvon

Ribbon Awarded
New Sith Order Raid War Ribbon

The New Sith Order Raid was fought by the New Pacific Order and its allies, the Black Knights and Hacienda, against the New Sith Order.


The New Sith Order had been an established faction by the time the New Pacific Order formed in Torn, and the two factions had previous history from their time in Cyber Nations. In the months prior to the raid, the New Sith Order had carried out numerous acts of aggression against the New Pacific Order including placing bounties on members, interrupting chaining operations and going so far as to take the "New Pacific Order" faction in-game.

War Progress

The raid commenced on 20:01:31 August 14, 2020[1] with attacks from the Strength faction and lasted until 02:47:02 August 16, 2020 when the raid was ceased.

During the fighting, members of the Prosperity faction evacuated Torn city for the other countries to avoid being hit by NSO members in retaliation.


The raid was an overwhelming success for NPO and allies. In 30 hours of war the NSO lost 7043.91 respect while Strength lost 852.67. Strength members executed three 500 length chains, and made 882 attacks against NSO members.

Emperor SynysterGates later announced the results of the raid and paid tribute to OsRavan for making 116 attacks and eliminating 1,216.99 respect himself.[2]


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