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Cyber Nations
Launch Date

January 1, 2006

Status Active

Planet Realm Gaming

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Cyber Nations (CN) is a nation simulation game created in 2006. The New Pacific Order established a branch in Cyber Nations on January 31, 2006, less than a month after the game came online.


Each CN player controls a nation, which can trade with, fight wars with, and send foreign aid to other nations. Additionally, nations can organize themselves into alliances, which are what generally drive the politics and large scale wars of Cyber Nations.


National economic development - often referred to as "nationbuilding" - is accomplished primarily by accumulating four things: infrastructure, technology, land, and wonders.

  • Infrastructure increases a nation's population and allows it to build improvements
  • Technology reduces a nation's bills and enhances its military capabilities
  • Land increases the happiness (and economic productivity) of a nation's population
  • Wonders give nations a wide range of bonuses

Military Mechanics

Color Team Mechanics

See Nation teams on the Cyber Nations Wiki

All nations exist on one of twelve ordinary colors (referred to in CN as "teams") or on gray, which provides none of the benefits of the other twelve colors. These benefits include additional economic bonuses from trading with other nations on the same color and access to team senates.

Most alliances concentrate their memberships on one color. Historically, there have been numerous attempts by either lone alliances or groups of alliances to control the senate seats or even the resident alliances on various colors.


Main article: History of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations

The New Pacific Order maintains the most detailed historical account of Cyber Nations in existence. Although it isn't comprehensive and focuses mainly on NPO itself, it covers all of CN's history.