Island War 3.0

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Island War 3.0
Started June 23, 2023
Ended September 6, 2023

CRyPTo invades the island


Natural Selection & allies retain control of the island

Preceded By Nuova Famiglia Ranked War

39th Street Killers flag 39th Street Killers

PT-Family flag PT-Family

Chain Reaction flag Chain Reaction

Itsi Bitsi Bikini flag Itsi Bitsi Bikini

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Natural Selection flag Natural Selection

Carbon flag Carbon


Buttgrass Inc flag Buttgrass Inc


Chain Reaction flag MeanMike
PT-Family flag xanty
39th Street Killers flag olesien
Itsi Bitsi Bikini flag Leaf_Bikini
New Pacific Order flag Nemphesis

Natural Selection flag Stretch
Buttgrass Inc flag JussiJernkuuk

The Island War 3.0 was a territory war between the forces of CRyPTo against Natural Selection for control of the Sector 1 territories on the Island between June-September 2023.


In February 2023, the Butterfly alliance led by Monarch attempted to capture the Island from Natural Selection. The assault ran into immediate difficulties as several of Monarch's allies lost their positions on the map, with Monarch factions themselves taking several dirty bombs as Natural Selection fought hard to defend their land. In the ensuing three weeks of combat, Monarch was decisively defeated by Natural Selection, being forced off the map and needing to return to Sector 7. At the time, CRyPTo did not take part in the fighting and remained neutral. Following the end of the war, Natural Selection forcibly removed the factions of the NUKE alliance from their lands following NUKE assisting Monarch with their invasion; a consequence of this was NPO fighting in the Torn Medical War.

In June 2023, Monarch again went to war, this time against the JFK alliance in the city's west in retaliation for JFK aligning with a faction that Monarch had grievances with. Against this backdrop the forces of CRyPTo prepared for war against Natural Selection for control of the Island.


On June 23, Nemphesis announced to the members of the NPO the beginning of the assault by CRyPTo against Natural Selection[1] as 39th Street Killers X, Itsi Bitsi Bikini, PT-Family and Chain Reaction launched simultaneous attacks against Natural Selection. Natural Selection then scrambled to reorient their factions and put up fake walls in an effort to slow the progress of the fighting.

At 0454 on June 24, Strength joined the fighting, launching an attack against Buttgrass Inc by assaulting ZWF.

On July 12 Monarch entered the war alongside Natural Selection, taking up positions near the front line against CRyPTo.


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