Torn Medical War

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Torn Medical War
Started March 22, 2023
Ended March 25, 2023

Natural Selection aims to remove NUKE from the map.

  • NPO and 39th victory
  • Torn Medical expelled from map
Preceded By The RIOT Ranked War
Succeeded By Torn Galactic Republic Ranked War

39th Street Killers flag 39th Street Killers

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Torn Medical flag Torn Medical


New Pacific Order flag Nemphesis
39th Street Killers flag Vayne

Torn Medical flag Fogest

Ribbon Awarded
Torn Medical War War Ribbon

Torn Medical War was a territory war between the New Pacific Order and the 39th Street Killers, against Torn Medical which is part of the NUKE family.


On March 4, 2023 Monarch and their allies attempted to invade the island which was held by Natural Selection in the Butterfly War. The war was fought for two weeks, ending in Natural Selection repelling the assault and successfully pushing Monarch and several of their allies off the map. Following the end of the war, Natural Selection then declared war on their former allies the NUKE family[1] citing that NUKE had broken their alliance with them by reviving Monarch and assisting them during the island war.[2]

While much of the fighting would take place in Sectors 2 & 3, just north of the island, NUKE also had two subfactions located in the east of the map. Nuclear Fusion and Torn Medical held a number of Sector 2 territories.

On March 22 Chain Reaction entered the fray by assaulting Nuclear Fusion's RAE territory which contained a Point Broker V racket giving 8000 points per day, successfully seizing it after 14 hours of fighting. On the same day the 39th Street Killers X started an assault against Torn Medical's ZRC marking the beginning of a new effort to remove NUKE from the map.


After successfully assaulting ZRC in 14 hours, the 39th Street Killers X would go on to attack RNE and NNE. By March 23 the frontline had widened enough for Strength and 39th Street Healers to enter the battle, with Strength assaulting MND. Both factions encountered negligible resistance and MND fell after 14 hours.

Strength then moved onto attack and capture WRC on March 24, before starting a new assault on the same day against CQC which fell on March 25. Additionally on March 24 the 39th Street Killers faction joined the fighting against Torn Medical. BQC was the final territory that Torn Medical held, which was captured by the 39th Street Killers X at 0259 TCT on March 25, bringing the battle to an end.


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