First Battle of ZWF

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First Battle of ZWF
Part of:
Island War 3.0
Started June 24, 2023

NPO takes part in Island War 3.0


NPO captures ZWF

Succeeded By First Battle of BWF

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Buttgrass Inc flag Buttgrass Inc


New Pacific Order flag Nemphesis

Buttgrass Inc flag JussiJernkuuk

The First Battle of ZWF was a territory war fought between the New Pacific Order and Buttgrass Inc, allies of Natural Selection.


On June 23 the forces of CRyPTo and their allies launched their bid to capture the island territories from Natural Selection. As the fighting expanded, NPO was called into combat.

War Progress

Day 1

Fighting commenced at 04:54:23 on June 24; with limited notice, Strength members were still able to clear the wall of Buttgrass members and capture all 30 member slots. With no resistance encountered, the wall fell to the Order at 18:56:04 on June 24.


After capturing ZWF, the First Battle of BWF began.