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NPO - Strength
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NPO - Strength, often referred to as Strength or Str, is a faction of the New Pacific Order in Torn.


Strength was originally founded as the Guinea Pig Mafia, until it was renamed to "NPO - Strength" as part of a wider faction reorganisation by SynysterGates[1]


The Strength faction has unlocked the following upgrades for the benefit of its members.

Excursion Branch

The Excursion branch specializes your faction towards traveling, providing upgrades to the amount of items your faction can carry while abroad, as well as hunting, rehab and overseas banking.

Unlock Benefit
Travel capacity X Increases maximum traveling capacity by 10

Toleration Branch

The Toleration branch specializes your faction towards drugs, providing reductions to addiction, side effects and overdosing.

Unlock Benefit
Addiction XVI Reduces drug addiction gain by 32%
Overdosing V Decreases risk of overdose by 15%

Steadfast Branch

The Steadfast branch specializes your faction towards gym training, providing increased gains of specific stats while training.

Unlock Benefit
Strength training V Increases strength gym gains by 5%
Speed training V Increases speed gym gains by 5%
Defense training V Increases defense gym gains by 5%
Dexterity training IV Increases dexterity gym gains by 4%


Territories that the Strength faction has owned.

Territory Name Sector Date Gained Date Relinquished
QBB Sector 7 February 22, 2021