39th Street Killers XR Ranked War

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39th Street Killers XR Ranked War
Started June 11, 2022
Ended June 13, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By Goodnight Moon Ranked War
Succeeded By Vault 76 Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

39th Street Killers XR


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor


The 39th Street Killers XR Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and the 39th Street Killers XR in June 2022.


After the defeat against Goodnight Moon, Military Command made adjustments to prepare for the next ranked war. Strength matched with the 39th Street Killers XR and the war was scheduled to begin at 16:00:00 TCT June 11, 2022, with a net target score of 8,700.

War Progress

Immediately after the war commenced, the 39th Street Killers XR surged to an early lead and after six hours of fighting had reached a lead of over 5,600. Strength kept their chain alive during the onslaught, with OsRavan making a last minute hit with one or two seconds left before it would have entered cooldown. 39th Street Killers XR's failure to break the NPO chain early on would cause significant issues for them throughout the war. Strength then counter attacked, and reduced XR's lead to 922 points after 16 hours of fighting.

39th Street Killers XR then initiated a second assault, putting Strength members back into hospital. Strength once again went into survival mode, remaining in the hospital and focusing on making hits to keep the chain alive. Around the same time, XR's chain was successfully broken by Strength members which put a severe dent in their ability to earn significant points.

After 24 hours of the fighting, the tide began to reverse with Strength landing the 2,500 bonus chain hit and seeing off the XR's active players, beginning to counter attack again. The net score required for victory began to reduce as well by 1% every hour (87 points). At 28 hours into the fighting, NPO once again began to reduce the lead that XR held and after 34 hours of constant fighting, finally took the lead for the first time. XR had managed to get a second chain going, but accidentally dropped it.

For the next seven hours, Strength gained score, reaching over 4100 points, before XR attempted one last counter attack. Despite making progress for just over an hour, a renewed Strength counter attack broke their will to continue, along with breaking their chain at 494. 39th Street Killers XR conceded and the fighting was completed at 13:07:59 TCT June 13, 2022, with an NPO victory.


At the conclusion of the war, NPO - Strength received 8,143 bonus respect, 2,687 points, 2x Small Arms Cache, 3x Armor Cache, 2x Melee Cache, and 3x Medium Arms Cache.

The 39th Street Killers XR received 1,722 bonus respect, 568 points, 1x Armor Cache, and 1x Small Arms Cache, which both sides felt were poor rewards for the tenacity shown while fighting, and that the 39th XR had been let down by the rewards system.

In view of such a tough, but victorious fight, messages of congratulations were posted by Imperial Emperor[1] and Deatvert[2] along with stats and messages that had been received both during and after the fighting.



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