Goodnight Moon Ranked War

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Goodnight Moon Ranked War
Started April 22, 2022
Ended April 23, 2022

NPO Defeat

Preceded By Legacy Ranked War
Succeeded By 39th Street Killers XR Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

Goodnight Moon


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

The Goodnight Moon Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and Goodnight Moon in April 2022.


Following adjustments made to the matchmaking system, NPO was matched with Goodnight Moon. The build up to the war revealed that Goodnight Moon had multiple strong players, and that NPO - Strength was largely outmatched with stats. After discussing the options, NPO planners decided to attempt to turtle and wait for a more favorable time to commence the assault.

War Progress

The war commenced on 12:00:00 April 22 2022. The plan to turtle did not work properly, with some members who weren't present leaving their revives on and subsequently being farmed for score by Goodnight Moon, whose chain rapidly grew.

Despite the best efforts of NPO members to raise a counter chain, they were never able to match the effort Goodnight Moon was able to put forward, and the latter were able to reach the 1000 bonus hit, bringing them significantly closer to victory. In order to increase the score in an attempt to win better caches, NPO members made a late charge at Goodnight Moon, an action that briefly worried them.

Goodnight Moon was able to contain the assault and reached the required 10,200 net score at 00:41:10 on April 23, defeating NPO.


This was the first defeat inflicted on NPO, who received 2,287 bonus respect, 755 points, 1x Melee Cache, 1x Armor Cache, 1x Small Arms Cache, and no loss of rank.

A decision was made not to enlist again, and instead focus on training. At the same time Military Command would work on developing more strategies and techniques for ranked war, with the goal of improving future military operations.


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