Legacy Ranked War

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Legacy Ranked War
Started April 10, 2022
Ended April 10, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By Toxic Reign Ranked War
Succeeded By Goodnight Moon Ranked War
Also Known As The 4-Hour War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order



New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor


The Legacy Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and Legacy in April 2022.


NPO Strength was matched with Legacy at 10:00:13 on April 9, 2022, needing to wait 37 hours before the war would start. Prior to the war starting, Legacy leader Python mentioned that the war would start at a bad time for them as they had a strong UK based membership.

War Progress

The war commenced on 23:00:15 April 10, 2022. Quickly it became obvious that the bulk of Legacy's membership were not online, and the Order took a rapid lead managing to out-chain Legacy 500 to 50 before Legacy's chain was broken.

Only nine Legacy players were able to break double digit score, and one was able to achieve a triple digit score. NPO members were able to drop multiple bonuses on Legacy players, with the net target score of 7600 being reached in just under four hours.


This was the fastest win the NPO had been able to achieve, and following the victory the NPO was awarded 3,893 bonus respect, 1,285 points, 2x Medium Arms Cache, 2x Small Arms Cache, and 2x Melee Cache.

After the conclusion of this ranked war, it was announced that the matchmaking system would be disabled for a week while it underwent changes.


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