War Sluts Ranked War

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War Sluts Ranked War
Started January 28, 2022
Ended January 28, 2022

NPO Victory

Preceded By IA Green Ranked War
Succeeded By Toxic Reign Ranked War

New Pacific Order flag New Pacific Order

War Sluts


New Pacific Order flag Imperial Emperor

The War Sluts Ranked War was a ranked war fought between the New Pacific Order and War Sluts in January 2022.


After the victorious war against IA Green, NPO Strength matched with the War Sluts for the next ranked war. War Sluts was identified as a faction that had been created to farm caches in ranked wars with an upper-tier that heavily outweighed the battle stats of the NPO at the time, as well as a high level of activity.

War Progress

The war was scheduled to commence at 02:00 on January 28, 2022. When the fighting started, several War Sluts players with superior stats gave them an initial advantage and allowed them to stretch their lead out to 2,492 points after three hours of fighting. War Sluts was burning energy at a prodigious rate, however, with multiple members attacking single NPO members who left the hospital to chain extend.

Following the initial several hours of turtling, NPO rallied and started to regain ground, but it wasn't until after five hours of fighting had passed that a large bonus hit was landed on War Sluts, reversing the progress they had made. At this point, the NPO regained control and would not lose it again. Another nine hours of fighting allowed NPO to achieve the net target of 7,500 respect.


NPO was awarded 4,067 bonus respect, 1,342 points, 1x Small Arms Cache, and 4x Medium Arms Cache. Following the end of this war, the Order settled down into a training period.


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