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Documentation [edit]

This infobox is for conflicts between two or more entities.


  • game - the game in which the war took place.
  • name - (optional) the name of the war. Defaults to the page name.
  • combatants - only use this if there are not exactly two sides in the war. This is a freeform field.
  • side1 and side2 - if not using combatants, these are the two sides of the war. These are also freeform fields.
  • leadership1 and leadership2 - (optional) list the commanders during the combat.
  • start - the date the war started.
  • end - if applicable, the date the war ended.
  • cause - the reason the war started.
  • result - if the war has ended, a brief summary of the results of the war.
  • aka - (optional) other names by which the war is known.
  • partof - if applicable, the larger conflict from which this one branched off.
  • ribbon - (optional) upload the war ribbon and use just the name and file extension, eg: NSORaidRibbon.png


{{War infobox
|game = 
|side1 = 
|side2 = 
|leadership1 = 
|leadership2 = 
|start = 
|end = 
|cause = 
|result = 
|aka = 
|precededby = 
|succeededby = 
|ribbon = 

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:War infobox/doc.