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Resident wiki expert and code monkey. Please leave a message on my talk page or tag me in Discord or the forums if I can be of assistance. My wiki page is at Bobogoobo (under construction).


Site pages:


  • Colors: flag - blue #2082C3, black 0, yellow #ECE81E

To do list

"People shouldn't have to click on anything to see the scope and depth of information on the wiki." - Edward I

High priority

  • Set infobox row heading cells to a certain width (maybe 33%?) - already set on officeholder precede/succeed, replace with css
  • Create documentation for all templates and modules missing it and categorize all (no modules documented yet - should link to template doc and cover only code concerns, include how to test [usually{...})]; customization)
    • For Template:List - blank params will be ignored with no output, sep overrides nosep, can be nested/joined/etc, escape = signs within param values
    • Add example to forumlink to show non-duplication of post id
  • Template:Unsigned, Template:Clear
  • Majorly expand portal pages and make them more useful. Should be a good starting point for new editors to see what is needed.
  • Game link templates (linked on Help:Editing; CN nation and alliance at least, NS nation, region, dispatch [see TEP page], WA stuff [see Xoriet in NS])
    • Update other template documentation and templates themselves (e.g. community infobox) to use them
    • Torn profile: [1] and faction: [2]
  • Navbox for overall NPO topics (departments, etc)
  • Determine bot account and create policy at NPOWiki:Bots (when done, delete my special:botpasswords and saved account in awb)
  • NPO-themed colors for navboxes
  • Add Ages/Eras to Template:Officeholder infobox
  • Replace Template:Error with Module:Error, convert existing modules to use it
  • Module:Forumlink - improve default display text. For e.g. NPO forums I could convert the slug. If input only numeric, just say e.g. post 123. Add "on X forums".
  • Date difference template, needed on government history pages.


  • Module:Forumlink - also see above
    • "news" may be broken, the URL has a required category parameter. Module can make sure it's provided and use it in automatic text.
    • Need to decode all input before handling and encode URL before returning
  • Make template for link+flag+spacing combo in war/treaty infobox (.infobox-images div adds spacing in css). Have options for image in large size and inline thumbnail.
  • War/treaty infobox use wrong class - need to lowercase, remove spaces, etc (slug param in abbrgame?)
  • imagewidth param for person infobox etc, some avatars are pretty small
  • Improvements to Template:File info, especially licenses - need presets, including "self"
  • If I want to put images in page-notice, it would need to be a table. Then disambiguation could use it too.
  • Move forumlink config data to data module.


  • Template:On this day - determine what to include and add more (double check Emperor dates against Ages; could add anything that's listed on CN wiki ages/eras)
  • More navboxes, or maybe a generic template for "this page in other games" (maybe to be put in e.g. a See Also section)
  • Create needed category pages, think of any more to add
    • Probably want ones for NPO members, separate current and former. Remember in Torn to check group instead of faction if present.
    • Change "About the wiki" to "Wiki information" (or something better)
    • Create any other maintenance categories I set up in templates
  • Add any missing links (blue or red) to pages
  • Timeline type params? E.g. in infobox community with "affiliation" specified could link to prev/next government
  • Work on my page
    • Check NPO NS subforum for my posts, especially old application, military membership, government, etc.
    • Some history to convert from CN wiki. Did I keep EOD records? Also add
  • I just want this term to exist: Category:Robertography on the Cyber Nations Wiki


  • Add to NPOWiki:Policies: heading case (and when to use, don't use level 1), dates/times should be based on the game's server time whenever possible, redundancy also applies to headings, order of games (I've always been doing branch establishment order, person pages might want to do sections in order of join date), external links sections and the like should be bulleted
    • Should separate nitpicks from major policies or make the latter more obvious
  • Flesh out Help:Editing and improve readability; add common abbreviations
  • Add tips and tricks
    • links (internal, interwiki, external, postfix trick, files/cats), qqx, allmessages, recentchanges, fullurl, special:apisandbox, overview of templates, automatic summaries, null edit/purge, categories added by templates (don't duplicate) or system, special:pageswithprop, external links search (protocol is required, wildcard goes after that), can see own editcount in preferences, ...


  • Better appearance for Ages/Eras - at least a gap between games and types, but additions might be nice. Each has unique id, can do a selector like this: [id^=mw-indicator-age-]:last
    • Might also want a JS collapsibility or other solution for very long lists (especially when multiple games get added)
  • War infobox: might need to be wider, maybe add headings for sides


  • Better styles for infoboxes
  • Link icons: WP, games, //
  • Better visited link color


  • Remove case sensitivity in search box
  • Look into fixing syntax highlighting (server junk)
  • Lua editor is also broken due to some failed JS imports, including the search function


  • We probably want to disable webp, will need to replace File:First CN GOONS Flag.webp
  • Fix my purge link js to add & instead of ? when needed
  • CN wiki has image templates for ages/eras Template:Eras on the Cyber Nations Wiki
  • Need to make it more clear when notices are expired, if there are multiple you'd have to check the date and duration on each one.
    • Maybe notice timer should return some text or something to show in the notice.
  • Check report pages periodically and once things are sorted out
  • AWB: add replacements in default settings for correct game names (except on templates etc), link templates (will probably want to run on all pages once all settings are set up)
  • Back up at least my Lua code. Could use Special:Export, or ask for full XML backup (mw:Manual:Backing up a wiki)

Extra OCD

  • Tracking for pages using infoboxes, Navbox, or "format title" directly?
  • If I feel like being super OCD, a category for redundant parameters (e.g. name=page name when it's defaulted, officeholder mainpage = name)